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      I loaded my first roll of film into a camera at the age of four. The camera was an old Kodak Baby Box Brownie that my grandmother gave to me for my birthday. The year was 1963; I still have that camera and the pictures I took with it. Since then, capturing moments in time has been one of my greatest passions ever.


      A lot has changed since then but a lot has remained the same.  I went on to become the photo editor for our yearbook at JEB Stuart High School.  At 17, I submitted photos to Rolling Stone Magazine and received a beautifully handwritten letter from their photo editor telling me how magnificent my work was and completely admonishing me for missing their deadline.  I was devastated.  In the meantime, I discovered I had a real talent for music.  I had been playing the guitar since I was 8, and had been practicing in a garage band; I was their lead guitarist and backup singer.  Fortunately, I went on to become a fairly successful local guitarist for the next fifteen years, with many different bands.  We actually recorded some albums, (which until two years ago, I was still getting royalties from).  My first wife and I had our son in 1988, and to supplement our income, I took a job with Costco Wholesale. I continued to document his life with film.  I became reacquainted with the photography industry and went on to become the photo lab manager for the highest volume lab in the southeast United States.  In 1999, my girlfriend (now my wife) bought me my first digital camera.  I was hooked.  I traded in my darkroom and red light bulb for digital production and computer graphics with no regrets.


The versatility of digital photography is endless.  It has allowed me to offer a superior product without passing any additional costs on to my customers.


Please take a look through my website to see a portfolio of the work I have done and the services I offer.


Thank you for your interest,

David Whiteside